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Contact Internet Marketing is a privately owned, full service Internet marketing company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We provide results-driven Internet Marketing Services in SEO, PPC Management, Website Design, and Social Media Marketing.

What We Do

We use our expert knowledge in Internet marketing services in order to take your business to it's next level of success. Contact Internet Marketing pride's ourselves in helping our clients excel in their niche by giving them the proper online presence needed their your industry.

Why Internet Marketing?

No matter what people are looking for in today's world, they use the Internet. There are more than one billion searches conducted each day. There's no stopping the Internet now and if you can't beat em' might as well join em' right? If you're interested in Internet Marketing Services then you are obviously aware of the effectiveness of the Internet as a whole. We are here to make your online brand as effective as possible and assist you in surpassing your competition.

How Do I Get Started?

Our team will initially consult with your company to gain an understanding of your business and it's needs. We are then able to offer the best package to fit those needs. Together, Contact Internet Marketing and your team will create the best possible Internet marketing services and social media marketing solution for your business in order to gain the best customer recognition possible.

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Search Engine Optimization Services Search Engine Optimization

With proper SEO, your website will become more search engine friendly and send traffic to your website. After all, 75% of web traffic originates from search engines. Don't miss out on possible clients because you can't be found on Google.
Website Design Services Website Design

Having a proper presence online can be crucial for your credibility as a serious business. A business without a website in today's world is passed over. Don't loose possible business because you are lacking a presence on the web.
Social Media Marketing Services Social Media Marketing

Building a solid reputation today would be hard to do without real conversation marketing. Let us build, take control of and/or maintain your social media accounts the right way.
Email Marketing Services Email Marketing

Ever wonder if you're sending too many emails? Or wonder when to send them? Or even what to send in them? We can help you get the most out of your emails, at the right time, to the right people, with our email marketing services.
Blog Management Services Blog Management

Blogging can be time consuming and simply is not for everyone. Let us take over or create your entirely original, well researched and well written blog. We can even help you choose what to blog about that would most benefit your business!
Mobile Marketing Services Mobile Marketing

More and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to surf the web. Making your website mobile friendly and incorporating mobile tools into your business is just what you need to stay up to date with your competition.

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Google AdWords is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program by Google. You ‘bid’ for your rank in Google searches by your specific keywords that you choose. You can choose multiple keywords and make them very specific to insure the traffic you will get will benefit you and not waste your money since you only pay for each click that your ad generates.

So you finally have your email list started and you are eager to start sending those newsletters out! Email marketing services are awesome for your business if you are executing them correctly, but email marketing can kill you if you have no idea what you’re doing as well.

Making your business look as credible and professional as possible should be one of your biggest goals. Having as many ways to contact your clients as possible should be another big focus. Email marketing does just that. It is one of the oldest forms of Internet marketing and it is still around for a reason.

Getting on Google Places can be one of the easiest and fastest ways online to bring clients to your store and even bring more traffic to your website. When you talk about SEO, most of the time you have to hire someone to optimize your website and online brand in order to get yourself found online and it can still take

So now what? You made your social media account, you uploaded pictures, and made everything look great! I know what you are thinking, “Let’s start posting!” but hold on there!

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